Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Harmful effects of chemical lead on lipsticks

For those women who have fancy on cosmetics specially to make them more appreciated, they do not pay attention on the safety if the things they buy are safe. Lipsticks, face powder, eye liner, etcetera. The question is “is my lipstick is really safe for me? Does lipstick that I am using makes me more beautiful or it will put me on jeopardy?”

Lead is a chemical compound when ingested, can damage the nervous connections (specially in young children) and cause blood and brain disorders. Long-term exposures to lead or its salt will lead to nephropathy. It has also been linked to schizoprenia. That's why there is a widespread reduction in its use because it resulted in cognitive decifits among children and cases among adults are because of work-related and unaware of the things they are using that contains lead. Some scientist also identify the link of lead in cancer.

According to the latest report, a lead test for lipstick as example has been conducted by independent laboratory over the month of September bought in Boston, Hartford, Connecticut, San Francisco and Minneapolis. Top findings include:More than half of 33 brand-name lipsticks tested (61 percent) contained detectable levels of lead, with levels ranging from 0.03 to 0.65 parts per million (ppm). None of these lipsticks listed lead as an ingredient. One-third of the tested lipsticks exceeded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s 0.1 ppm limit for lead in candy – a standard established to protect children from directly ingesting lead. Lipstick products, like candy, are directly ingested into the body. Nevertheless, the FDA has not set a limit for lead in lipstick, which fits with the disturbing absence of FDA regulatory oversight and enforcement capacity for the $50 billion personal care products industry. The good news is that the tests show it is possible to make lipstick without lead: 39 percent of lipsticks tested had no detectable levels of lead, and cost doesn’t seem to be a factor. Some less expensive brands such as Revlon ($7.49) had no detectable levels of lead, while the more expensive Dior Addict brand ($24.50) had higher levels than some other brands. (For detailed report “A Poison Kiss: The Problem of Lead in Lipstick,” including complete test results, is posted at

Philippines (October 21, 2007) - I accidentally watched a show: one segment wherein they conduct an independent test on lead content in lipstick by the laboratory. Although the brands were not identified, the test was positive. Not only that, the result says that it exceeds 0.1 ppm limit and it was tremendously high. But these brands are subject for recall by the Bureau of Food and Drugs.


jhiiljavs said...

Do you know any particular brands of lipstick that does not contain lead? Srsly, i love lipsticks and ur blog somewhat, disturbs me.. :( im concern for my health

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